Leadership Update

As you’ve heard, our city’s shelter in place order is still in place. But please hear this, too: church is not canceled. It just looks different. Honestly, this isn’t the 2020 we had in mind. Navigating what church looks like during a pandemic has been a challenge, but we find hope in seeking our faithful God and knowing that nothing can cancel the Church. We’ll just worship differently from where we are until we can be back together again. And we will be back together again. I know you’re facing disappointment, grief, and other difficulties in this season too, but we’re all in this together and we’re here for you.

Here’s how:

If you have financial, physical, or other needs right now, please let us know. We haven’t stopped praying for you. Please go to our web page to update us on any prayer requests you may have. We’ll keep updating you with the latest news about how our church is “meeting” and serving during this time.

What we won’t do:

  • Meet in-person. All of our in-person events, groups, and other gatherings are on pause as we practice loving our neighbor through staying at home as much as possible.
  • Panic. God is still on the throne and in control. As hard as itis to rest right now, we can choose to remember this and rest in Him.
  • Waste this season. All of us have a huge opportunity to connect with people online and serve our community right now. Let’s leverage this.

What we will do:

  • Stay connected. Isolation isn’t good for anyone and we’re making sure that having to be physically distanced doesn’t mean we’re completely disconnected. Check out our online service at 10 am Sundays atmessages.online.church.
  • Love our neighbors. There are needs inside and outside of our church that we can work together to help meet. Even if you’re not in a position to donate financially, a kind word through the phone, volunteering in local relief efforts, or spreading a hope-filled message on social media can really help.
  • Remember our Hope. Our shared faith in Jesus Christ is what brought us together and will help us stick together. We should lean on and remind each other of God’s promises when we’re feeling weary.

Our church leadership is praying continuously and trusting God. We encourage you to do the same. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

The Leadership Team


Psalm 23:4 says, “Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”Having faith in the darkest valley— during a global pandemic, for example—is bold. It’s natural to feel fearful right
now, but believers can have a bold faith and hope during a crisis because of who our God is.

He is never changing, even when our world does. (Malachi 3:6)

He is all-powerful, strong and able to do anything He wills. (Psalm 147:5, Romans 1:20)

He is all-knowing, having knowledge of everything past, present, and future. (Isaiah 46:9–10)

He is faithful and always will be. (2 Timothy 2:13)
And He is so much more. He is beyondwhat we can conceive in our limited human minds. His purposes and
promises are sure, even when we don’t understand them. Even when we aren’t sure where He is or what He’s doing.

As Charles Spurgeon said:
“God is too good to be unkind and He is too wise to be mistaken. And when we cannot trace His hand, we must trust His heart.”
Again, trusting God and having faith during a pandemic is a bold stance. But do you know what else is bold? Coming
before the Almighty God of the universe in prayer.
Hebrews 4:16 instructs us: “Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain
mercy and find grace in the time of need.”

Come boldly to the God who is unchanging, always faithful, and never
caught by surprise. Keep your faith in Him and let the knowledge of who He is calm your fears.
Forward this to someone who needs encouragement for today.
When submitting an online prayer request, please know that this is not intended for urgent requests. If you have an urgent PRAYER request, please contact the church  at 918-834-4427, Monday through Thursday, 9am-3pm, to speak directly to someone, or leave your request and it will be retrieved within 24 hours.

Use this Prayer Wall to share your requests and praises. While you’re at it, take a few minutes to browse the other prayer requests and lift them up to the Lord.

Anonymous, June 28, 2020 - 4:59 pm

please pray to Father God to forgive the Mavani family for their sins

Elizabeth Jean, June 23, 2020 - 7:29 pm

Pray for me. The doctor says I have diastolic heart failure. I need prayers for total healing. I need the valves to open and close properly so the blood will flow through properly so the fluid doesn't back into the lungs.

LLOYD\SHARON, June 23, 2020 - 7:13 am


Anonymous, June 14, 2020 - 1:24 am

Father I come in Jesus name and blood. Because in my own name and blood I am neither worthy nor known. Be merciful to me the sinner! And forgive my every debt and sin towards You. As You have shown mercy to Nineveh show mercy to me oh God. As you have helped Your servants in the Bible help me Oh God. I know that in the Bible You have been shown to have the highest authority within an instance of Your voice the Universe was created. And whenever You healed the sick it was done immediately after You spoke a word. So I know that these prayers will be heard and my life will be changed for Your glory just as fast. I have have several spoken requests and seven unspoken requests that You know Oh Lord.I pray Father You may grant them both. My spoken requests is that God may save, protect, and bless my marriage now and forever, we need Your help God. My wife A and I have been struggling in our marriage. I pray that my wife does not give up or fail me. And I pray for patience to deal with her.Oh God You say You hate divorce so please protect our marriage from those who are trying to destroy it as well. Especially protect it from that man that tried to destroy it in the past. I also ask that my wife A and I may be,want,do,think, and say all that You oh God wants us to be,want,do,think and say no matter what that may mean. So that You oh God may be pleased.So that my mother and father may always have a reason to smile and be happy with me. To bring glory to Your name oh Father God. To give a reason for your servants to praise Your name. To strengthen believers faith. To give a reason for nonbelievers to believe. And to discourage Your enemies Father. Please grant the requests by your grace and mercy alone may this request may be even given now. May these blessings alone be dependent upon your mercy and grace now and forever. I know You have already granted these requests for me in the past and it has undoubtedly shown. I thank You for that. May you give me faith also to help me believe that Your promise of these requests sti

Raajiv, June 5, 2020 - 4:16 pm

Please pray for me that I may be able to get back my doctor internship job which I had lost due to illness as soon as possible, especially in these times of coronavirus disease. Thank you very much for praying for me.

Anonymous, May 27, 2020 - 12:54 am

URGENT PRAYER: My fiancé, Ramon Ramirez needs deliverance from drugs and dark places/people. He has a ticket booked to come join me and us to marry but with what is happening now it is made difficult but not impossible through unity in prayer to the Most High God. He needs to get a gov't issued photo ID and well as his birth certificate which I already ordered. Please pray that these things are loosed and the seemingly impossible for us God can do all things. Thank you in advance for joining me in prayer. Many blessings.

Anonymous, May 20, 2020 - 8:30 am

Anonymous, May 17, 2020 - 8:51 pm

Phil Chavez, May 17, 2020 - 6:36 pm

Please Pray Healing for Hearing loss, Memory, Bad Posture, Body Pain, Blood Pressure and others )Pray Excellent health from head to toe and long life for Lorraine Chavez now in Jesus Name. Pray Debt be gone from Lorraine Chavez in Jesus Name. Lorraine Chavez Possessions(House,Cars,Appliances Ext.) last a 100 times longer and become newer each day now in Jesus Name. I pray for Lorraine Chavez. And Please Pray Excellent health from head to toe and long life for my uncle Seve Chacon